“HAHAHAHA (Don’t You Just Know It)” is the first single from new virtual act CHEESECAKE SYNDICATE. The single was produced by none other than D. Fact and Frank Lio.

  • “Face” of the act “Cheesecake Syndicate” is the virtual, red monkey “T”.
  • The single was produced by hit producers D.Fact & Frank Lio. Together, the two stand for more than 70 gold & platinum awards, 90 international top 10 placements and names like Lil John, Alex Cuba and especially the world hit Mambo No.5 with Lou Bega.
  • The track is a sample from the 1958 US hit “Don’t You Just Know It” by Huey Piano Smith.
  • The video was produced in Ukraine by Dima Malichev and director Max Ksjonda.
  • 28 top influencers with a total of over 100 million followers, 2 billion likes and a reach of 8.5 million views love the song and will start a TikTok campaign from September.

Contact Person

Radio South: Robert Larasser

Radio West: Eberhard Pacak

Radio North: Gaby Mularczyk

Radio East: Kati Schulte