JALJA FT. HOSH “Keep Your Love”

London-based singer-songwriter JALJA releases her debut solo single Keep Your Love. The single is a collaboration with German DJ & producer HOSH.

Facts Jalja:

  • Jalja used to be a producer for LadBible and a social producer for Nickolodeon UK
  • She currently co-hosts Amazon UK’s biggest podcast, Planet Weirdo, with influencer/writer Holly H
  • Jalja is currently in a long-term collaboration with HOSH and has already recorded over half a million monthly streams on Spotify
  • The single “Midnight” has now been streamed over 70 million times and was The Week’s Hottest Record on BBC Radio 1

Facts Hosh:

  • HOSH German DJ and producer, backed by the Purple Disco Machine team
  • In 2010, HOSH made it into the music charts with his EP Cash the Chord.
  • In 2013 he released the official remix of Sonos “Keep Control” (Beatports Top 100)
  • His EP “Karma” (2017) positioned itself at #1 on the Beatport techno charts
  • In 2017 he founded his own label fryhide


Radio Süd & Koordination: Robert Larasser

Radio West: Eberhard Pacak

Radio Nord: Gaby Mularczyk

Radio Ost: Kati Schulte