Play It Cool

Red like roses, red like blood. Love is like a drug, sometimes a dangerous game. In Laura Heily’s new single “Red” you are asked what happens to this wonderful feeling when you are sober again or when you have returned to everyday life.

So what happens to love when the rose-colored glasses have fallen? Why do we often close ourselves off to true closeness and connectedness just to experience the next best “high moment”. Anxiety? Protection? Lack of self-love? The song “Red” invites you to reflect on yourself and your personal relationship with love.

Press release

Laura Heily impresses with a clear vision on stage: pop music with strong content, emotional experiences and energetic arrangements. In her songs she uncompromisingly combines passionate lyrics with a powerful voice that brings every line to life. The newcomer masters the game between feeling and power perfectly in her stories and compositions. She gives the audience an intense experience in a charming way. Laura Heily discovers her artistic personality, goes her way purposefully and leaves a unique impression on the audience.

Show Highlights

Street Life Festival 2017/2018/2019, Donauinselfest 2017/2018, City Festival Vienna 2018/2019, Gösserhalle, Vienna City Hall, Child in the City Conference 2018, Female Future Festival MetaStadt 2019, Guten Morgen Österreich ORF Dec 2019, own concert in Tarrytown ( New York), appearances in NYC (USA), Nuremberg, Hamburg, Essen, London, Barcelona, ​​Budapest.