MARQUESS “Energía”

The tenth studio album by the Latin pop hitmaker will be released on June 2nd, 2023 by energie

After they recently celebrated their debut on the new label energie with the sunny singles “Vamos A Volar” and “Bailando Sola”, Marquess are now in the starting blocks with their 10th album statement: “Energía” will be released on June 2nd. – and can be pre-ordered now!

Dedicated to 100 percent summer moods and catchy Latin sounds for over 15 years, Sascha Pierro, Christian Fleps and Dominik Decker are once again providing the soundtrack for midsummer this year, in which everyday life is casually left out in order to simply chill, swim – and especially to dance! Known for translating the power of the sun into exotic pop songs, Marquess herald their personal “Energía” turn for the anniversary album: they present expansively big melodies and passionate summer hymns under the appropriate album title “Energía” – seven letters that can be found in all corners of the world can also be understood without a dictionary 😉

The summer of 2023 sounds so carefree!

Marquess open their new album with a driving mix of fiery claps, guitars and choirs – and after just a few bars of the successful pre-single “Vamos a Volar” they are heading for that point where everything takes off and all the weight of everyday life simply falls away: So good and life can feel carefree if you dare to pursue your dreams. The song “La Ilusión”, which comes with a pop factor of 100, is about exactly these dreams: “Hay una puerta de ilusión”, it says about the gate to happiness that you only have to cross to live these dreams – why actually not this summer?!

Before they sing about the beauty of the language with the similarly driving “Palabras” (feat. Noam Bar) (the world would be so colorless without it!), it’s also about hesitation and not knowing what to do: “No lo sé” is called translates as “I don’t know” – and the title of the same name, which clearly turns in the direction of the dance floor with the refrain at the latest, also finds an answer to the question of the right direction in the text: Just keep going your way, at some point the goal will be there turn up!

Then Marquess look around on the street and discover interesting figures: The “Caballero” is actually not a gentleman at all, because he is just a dapper and braggart who unfortunately knows far too well how to express himself (“tiene las palabras” ) in order to always be just as rousing as the Sunshine Pop with which they frame this portrait. Since the pre-single “Bailando sola”, which stands for complete immersion in the moment, we have known that some people also like to dance alone. “Yes, it’s about the moment when she can switch off and forget everything around her,” Marquess commented on this song, with which the anticipation for the weekend is finally fulfilled.

In order to be able to dance and move really well, you first have to make room: “Me late” (feat. Nené Vásquez), which focuses directly on a good mood and deliberately frees up a lot of space between the offbeats in the arrangement, is about what a gift music is – and how it always gives more color to life. The extremely exuberant “Una noche loca” leads towards sunset and clearly to the nightly (or even longer?) fiesta, whose collective momentum will not only make you dance until dawn, but also make you sing along. Before the “Horizonte”, to which one sometimes has to set off in search of love, the beats then become more powerful, and with “Solamente” singers Sascha Pierro & Co., how easy it is to set off for Bella Italia: exceptionally in Italian, this is about short dream trips to the south – for which they also provide the soundtrack. Marquess then tied up the essence of the new album to the title song of the same name “Energía”: This incomparable, absolutely life-affirming energy, it has an electricity, it has a melody that is impossible to get out of your head once you get it from the guitar to the Hips jumped…

With wind instruments and background vocals, a powerful rhythm wave sloshes through life (“La Ola”), on which one can wonderfully ride to new adventures – if there is still a tomorrow for this world: The title “Vida de hoy” brings just before the end a message and to express their hope for better times. (The reversal for the next generation must begin today so that there is still a tomorrow: “No hay mañana/si no hay un hoy”). Finally, the emotional conclusion of the tenth album is dedicated to that next generation, when in the course of “Cosas” (feat. Nené Vásquez) many new impressions await you: a new alphabet, new melodies, a new face – a whole new world brings the love for a newborn person with it, which is why the trio relies on even more emotion here.

Exotic pop and sunny Latin sounds are her profession: What began with early super hits like “El Temperamento” (2006) and “Vayamos Compañeros” has meanwhile led Marquess into the top 10 in 11 European countries, in some of them even up in 1st place (including Switzerland, Greece, Poland, and the Czech Republic). There was also plenty of precious metal and record sales in the millions for the three boys, who are particularly committed to equal opportunities in the music industry. The massive success of album milestones such as “Frenética” (2007; 2nd place in Germany and platinum) or “Favoritas” (2014; 5th place and gold) was last followed by the two top 15 albums “En Movimiento” (2018 ) and “Turbulento” (2020). Always celebrated live for their party qualities, Sascha Pierro, Christian Fleps and Dominik Decker perform in front of hundreds of thousands every year and transform every dance floor into an exuberant Latin fiesta.

The title of their 10th studio album says it all this summer: Marquess are flooding the playlists with the carefree “Energía” from the south…

The new album “Energía” will be released on June 2nd, 2023.