MARTIS „Keep It Low

“A story of two people who fall in love and feel drawn to each other like soulmates. Like yin to yang, like ketchup to french fries. “

This is how MARTIS describes the romantic love story behind his debut single “Keep It Low”, which with its whistled instrumental hook and the extraordinary animated video clip will undoubtedly stay in your head. With “Keep It Low”, the sympathetic singer and songwriter with the distinctive voice delivers the perfect feel-good soundtrack for summer time!

Love is a beautiful thing. Clear. We know. But sometimes it can also get quite complicated when the heart is ready for any risk, but unfortunately the mind is a real skeptic in two-way issues. Pity! A fact that MARTIS is all too painfully aware of, as he relates on his debut single “Keep It Low”. MARTIS is half-Italian and already has his weakness for Amore, Passione and a little drama with the
Breast milk sucked up. On the other hand, he inherited his preference for amorous French fries parables and touching pop songs from the other parent. We love it!

On his first single, MARTIS combines a happy, catchy pop melody with organic folk elements and its bittersweet vocals to create an airy, light, good-mood sound that makes you want to embark on the adventures of the coming summer. “Keep It Low” is about taking things calmly and not rushing anything – a catchy tune with a happy ending. “Since both were in a committed relationship, it was decided to keep a distance so as not to lose control,” continues the musician. “After emotional chaos, arguments and dramas, people avoided each other. However, they noticed that something was missing. So they both got closer and decided to continue the relationship on a friendly level, as they couldn’t do without each other. “