RL Promotion in a nutshell

We offer you radio promotion! As a promotion company, we have been offering radio promotion for over 25 years. As a promoter, especially as a radio promoter, I not only offer my service as a radio promoter, but also a friendly promotion company.

What do we offer

As a promotion company, we can not only work for on air, off air and interviews and their acquisition, but also for radio plugging, charts, chart promotion, airplay and air play of the artists. This usually happens through the Airplay Charts or Airplay Chart Promotion within the music genres Pop, Dance, EDM, House. Of course also in genres like rock, singer-songwriter or electronic music. The music producer or the music producer can book my service for a radio event, festival, concert or concert/s.

Top industry network

Whether for the formats acoustic, unplugged, mainstream, conservative, or youth. Gladly also for youth or format charts. The format charts at the radio station or the radio station are popular. In TV, press, print, video, management and consulting, consulting for artists is also possible, whether solo, band or group.

The Latin expert in Europe

We like to work Latin, Latino, summer hit, top hit, hit themes. Various gold, platinum, award/s have been achieved. Of course we also do VIP campaigns, campaign/s depending on the budget. Customers include Sony, Universal, Warner, Spinnin Records, BMG. We work internationally, nationally, German, German for, among others, German Pop, Schlager, Schlager Pop, Techno. An instrumental when visiting the station, a cooperation and more are also possible.

Advertising and Marketing

We stand for advertising, performance, advice, know-how as a professional for professionals with Profile Diamond status. Whether vinyl, CD, record, sound carrier, digital, on the Internet, online, with MPN, music trace incl. radio monitoring, we are available for tracking, portal €, service, media, remix(es). As a specialty, we also work for publishers, publishers, composers, authors, lyricists if desired, songs and sounds are in good hands here. Mediations for photo, photographer, photo, photographer are no problem.

Team and Cooperation partners

Our offices, partners, office, are well connected at the key, location, whether major, indie, independent. Cooperation with DJs, disc jockeys, in the club, the disco, also possible with MTV, Viva, You Tube, in the digital area with Spotify, i-tunes, Amazon, Shazam very much. Of course we book the playlist for you, playlists, hit parade, listeners, listener chart are in good hands with us. To the listener hit parade, the desired program or radio program in the daytime program, in the night program, wherever.

Targeted public relations

We bring them to ARD, ZDF, public service, private or private broadcasters are also processed. RTL, RTL ZWEI, Sat 1, Pro-Sieben, Media, Group and Arte are among our customers. The art, music color, broadcast, a special as a test, everything is possible. We arrange a personal air check for sound design, the annual MA or market analysis including media evaluation for your reach, ratings, in the morning, in the show and also morning show within the framework of the respective target group. The right venue is important for you, for live, syndication, acoustic, acoustic events. Regardless of whether it’s a single, album, EP, hit list, list, the current station panel, including performance and evaluation, secures market share. For this we recommend sales, distribution or web channels. Incidentally, there is not only MOR, but also AC, Hot AC, Evaluation, Leftfield, New Entry. The music editor or the head of music, the head of music or the program manager decide on the program. Whether in various genres online or solo online…

R&B, hip-hop

The music genres R&B, Black, Black Music, Hip Hop, Rap as well as the styles Reggae, Ragga, Alternative, Blues, Electronic are welcome in all content. In addition, there are some World, Sampler, Various, Compilation, Best Off in various forms. Possibly also a gimmick from the merchandising of the industry or music industry, whether records or record company, network, network, Xing, Linked In, everything is possible.

Special formats

Synthi, Synthi Pop, Eurodance, Euro, Crossover occur less in the formats, but all the more classic, semi-classic, classic, blues, audio book. The audio book in Airdate or Air Date in Radio Day for release is a bit of a rarity. For the publication and the release date there is lounge, chill out, the promo track goes on the playlist or playlist, in the best case on rotation, in the hot rotation, at least as a presentation. When visiting a station or on a trip to the station, the schedule and timing, like pre-promotion, are crucial. Feasible for research, as a test at Apple, or in the story and story box. Lyrics are often available as a download, hit tip in the Scene Magazine. Shazam and Tik Tok are also happy to use the new medium for their customers.

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