Social Media



Due to the increasing use of Social Media there are new and constantly changing possibilities to optimize a promotional campaign using this medium within the music industry.

As a result of changed media formats within the broadcasting, TV and print, it has become easier, not only for the artists and bands themselves, but also for music labels, producers and publishers, to obtain access to the corresponding target groups if first a successful set-up occurs within the social networks. Besides this, artists and bands have become more and more the first infor-mation source to media partners and journalists. Today, within the scope of a professional media campaign viral marketing can no longer be discounted.

RL Promotion & Consulting supports the artist with his social media placement and also offers partners for special strategies through his promotional network.

For example, this may also involve broadcasting promotion within the scope of a single and/or album campaign, music videos, TV and print, or by building up and strengthening the artist’s fan base. We can then offer added support with our know-how and our contacts, including additionally in the field of common digital music and download portals.