After their new start in 2020 and the most recently successful new songs “One Million Songs” and “Am andern Ende der Welt”, the multicultural music collective SÖHNE MANNHEIMS is now releasing their new single “MUT”


Michael Klimas, Dominic Sanz, Claus Eisenmann, Karim Amun, Giuseppe “Gastone” Porrello, Edward Maclean, Andreas Bayless, Michael Koschorreck, Florian Sitzmann, Marlon B. Metaphysics, Ralf Gustke


  • The breakthrough came in 2000 with their debut album “Zion” (#2 album charts) and the single “Geh Vom Aus” (#4 single charts)
  • Her second album “Noiz” (2004), her live album “Power of the Sound” (2005) and the album “Wettsingen in Schwetzingen” (2008) made it to #1 in the album charts.
  • In addition to the Echo, she was awarded the “Comet” and the “Golden Tuning Fork” twice.
  • Their albums “Zion”, “Noiz”, “Iz On” and “Barricades of Eden” were each certified Gold & Platinum certified.
  • After major personnel changes, they have been releasing new songs regularly since 2020 and can also be seen live again.

Contact Person

Radio South: Robert Larasser

Radio West: Eberhard Pacak

Radio North: Gaby Mularczyk

Radio East: Kati Schulte