The French producer and top star Willy William (worldwide hit “Mi Gente” with J Balvin) releases a promising candidate for the summer hit 2022 with “Trompeta”. The song was written, composed and produced entirely by William.

Facts Willy William:

  • Willy William is a French DJ, producer and singer
  • He is best known for his collaboration with DJ Flex on the dancefloor hit “B Boyz Shake da Body” in 2003.
  • His French single “Ego” brought him international fame and gold and platinum awards for the first time.
  • “Ego” made him the most-streamed French singer in the world
  • In 2017, he became an international sensation with the release of “Mi Gente”, a collaboration with Colombian superstar J Balvin

Contact Person

Radio Süd: Robert Larasser

Radio West: Eberhard Pacak

Radio Nord: Gaby Mularczyk

Radio Ost: Kati Schulte