JANNIK & STEVE “Glaubst Du“”

JANNIK & STEVE release their debut single with “Glaubst Du” including the accompanying video.


  • JANNIK & STEVE, two young musicians from the Rhineland who couldn’t be more different and yet have one thing in common: their hearts in the right place and their tireless passion for music. For nights at a time they feel like they’ve been swallowed up by the earth because another new melody or lyric idea won’t let them sleep.
  • Through his successful participation in the 9th season of The Voice of Germany, Jannik became acquainted with German pop music. Afterwards, the 2.05 m tall singer and songwriter cracked the million mark on Spotify several times with his English-language deep house under his alias “Goatchy”.
  • Steve’s musical home is German rap. The Düsseldorf native was signed as “Steve Jackson” in 2023 by AK- extra control for Universal/XY Records. His skills as a writer have long been known in the scene.
  • The musical symbiosis between the two artists is extraordinary. Lyrically they speak the same language and their voices merge to create a special vocal color.