MARQUESS “Bailando Sola”

With “Bailando Sola” MARQUESS release their new single from their new album “Energia”, which will be released on June 2nd.

Facts Marquess

  • The breakthrough came in 2006 with the single “El Temperamento”, which was placed in the top 10
  • In 2007 they released their gold single “Vayamos Compañeros” which peaked at #2 and stayed on the charts for 34 weeks
  • Their albums “Frenetica” (2007) and “Favoritas” (2014) went platinum and gold and reached #2 and #5 on the album charts
  • With “En Movimento” (2018) and “Turbulento” (2020) they were in the top 15
  • So far they have had top 10 hits in eleven countries (including the Czech Republic, Poland, Greece and Switzerland).
  • With “Vamos A Volar” they celebrated their debut on the new label Energie last summer

Contact person

Radio South: Robert Larasser

Radio West: Eberhard Pacak

Radio North: Gaby Mularczyk

Radio East: Kati Schulte