Pop sensation Milli Vanilli’s 35th anniversary is being celebrated with a special release that pays homage to the iconic group’s timeless hits: “The Best of Milli Vanilli (35th Anniversary).”

This commemorative collection promises fans a journey through tracks that defined an era, including chart-toppers like “Girl You Know It’s True,” “Blame It On the Rain,” “I’m Gonna Miss You” and “Baby Don’t Forget My.” Number”. These songs continue to be well received by audiences and demonstrate Milli Vanilli’s continued influence on the musical landscape.

Milli Vanilli was one of the most popular music groups in the late ’80s and early ’90s, with their first album “All Or Nothing” selling over 8 million copies worldwide. Their debut hit “Girl, You Know It’s True” sparked a unique hype that turned the two former club dancers Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan into pop superstars. They were cheered, revered and celebrated.

In 1990, the group won a Grammy for Best New Artist, which was later revoked after it was revealed that Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan – the face of the project – had never actually sung. The group was put together by music producer Frank Farian, who is also behind other groups such as Boney M., La Bouche and No Mercy, and used the voices of singers Brad Howell, John Davis, Jodie Rocco, Linda Rocco and Charles Shaw. The scandal made headlines around the world and the duo went their separate ways. However, Milli Vanilli’s music lives on.

“The Best of Milli Vanilli (35th Anniversary)” is available for pre-order now and will be released on cassette, color vinyl, black vinyl, CD and digital formats on November 17, 2023.


  • Girl, You Know It’s True
  • Baby Don’t Forget My Number
  • Blame it on the rain
  • I’m Gonna Miss You
  • Keep running
  • All or Nothing
  • Can’t You Feel My Love
  • Dream to remember
  • Ma Baker
  • Hush
  • Money
  • Is It Love
  • More Than You’ll Ever Know
  • Take it as it comes
  • Girl, I’m Gonna Miss You (US Single Version)
  • Girl, You Know It’s True (US Single Version)
  • Baby Don’t Forget My Number (Radio Mix)