The German deep house producer and DJ RAMMOR releases his new single “Me & You” feat. ILYAA


  • With his new track “Me & You” (feat. ILYAA), deep house specialist Rammor brings warming musical rays of sunshine into the February gray.
  • Summerlove dance track with hypnotic female vocals. (sung by Sirena)
  • Feature artist ILYAA is a producer and DJ from Sweden. Musical style: Hypertechno. Milestone in his career: co-production of the chart-topping single “Wish It Was You” with Audien and Cate Downey.
  • Rammor is famous, among other things, for live DJ sets on YouTube (over 270 million views) and now plays live shows all over the world.
  • Most successful track: “Voices In My Head” (2022): 1 million YouTube views, 10.3 million streams, 1.3 million TikTok views.