Y_X “When You Come Home”

“When You Come Home” is the debut track from the mysterious new producer project “Y_X”. The single is now available on MPN.


  • y_x is a musical project that moves between happy rave and techno.
  • Who is hiding behind it? That remains the secret of y_x.
  • Inspired by the sounds of the early 2000s trance movement, y_x stands for brightly colored techno sound – fast, loud and wild.
  • “When You Come Home” is the name of the first track by y_x, which will be released on July 28th, 2023 and immediately makes you want more.
  • For fans of: Calvin Harris – “Miracle”, Restricted, southstar, TurboKevin.


Radio Süd/West: Robert Larasser

Radio Nord: Gaby Mularczyk

Radio Ost: Kati Schulte