CULCHA CANDELA “Celebration”

With confidence, usual optimism and great joy, Culcha Candela sang and rapped their way through a year full of highlights again in 2023: The boys can hardly believe it themselves – the band celebrated their 20th birthday in 2022 – and now it’s already 21 years! But no time for standstill or retirement! That would also be far too boring for the legendary hip-hop, reggae and Latin band, which can now look back on an unparalleled career.
Instead of resting on their success story, counting awards and watching the world go by, Mateo, Chino, Don Cali & Johnny would much rather be there and be right in the middle of it. After a sold-out tour in March 2023 and excellent summer shows, the official title song is available
Handball EM 2024 another highlight just around the corner (release November 2023). After a total of more than five million records sold, almost 35 precious metal awards & With over 1,500 live shows, Culcha Candela is no longer reinventing itself, but they don’t have to. Whether real club bangers or hits with humor and attitude: Culcha Candela know what they are doing.
The four Berlin City Boys rarely tolerate being just “onlookers”. Culcha Candela have always wanted to make a difference, to make the world just a little bit better – which is why they continue to be heavily involved in social projects to this day, such as: BeAnAngel e.V., Die Arche, All Kids are VIPs, ActionKids, Loud Against Nazis , Pro Asyl, Seebrücke, Afrika Rise and some more.


  • The hip hop, reggae, dancehall and Latin pop cult formation has existed for 21 years and looks back on a brilliant career (3x platinum, 1x gold album, 6x platinum, 9x gold – single awards)
  • Culcha Candela in numbers: …over 5 million records sold /…over 580 million streams /…over 90 million video views…over 1,500 live shows
  • Strong TikTok performance: among other things – Regular concert live streams with up to 50k viewership / TikTok hit “HOPE” 2021 (3 weeks #1 Hot 50 DE with over 90,000 video creations)
  • Old news? No way: Culcha Candela are in the Spotify Top 150 almost every day with their catalog hits “Monsta”, “Hamma!” and many others!
  • Unbroken strong social commitment with, among others, Die Arche, All Kids are VIPs, Action Kidz, Loud Against Nazis, Pro Asyl, Seebrücke, One


  • July – September / ZWUSZS Open Air Shows
  • 10/27 / Single – “Celebration” (EHF EURO song)
  • 05.11. / Live show at “Handball Day”, Olympiahalle Munich
  • 10.01. / Live show at the opening game of the Handball European Championship 2024, Merkur Game Arena
  • Q1 ’24 / Album release + tour