Martin Jensen and Prezioso release their new dance single “Hollywood” together.

Quick info Martin Jensen:

  • Martin Jensen is a Danish DJ & producer
  • His first single, “Sí”, (which included a remix of a Cristiano Ronaldo cheer) brought him great popularity in many Latin American countries
  • He had his breakthrough in 2015 with the single “Miracles”, which had more than 20 million streams on Spotify
  • In 2016 he released the single “All I Wanna Do”, which was also a success with more than 60 million streams on Spotify
  • His last single “Solo Dance” from 2016 was also a success and has so far made it to the top 44 of Spotify’s Global Top 50, with over 1,200,000 daily streams.
  • To date, various other singles and his first EP with the title “World” have followed.

Quick info Prezioso:

  • Giorgio Prezioso is an Italian DJ and producer who has been an integral part of the Italian and international DJ scene since the 1990s.
  • His greatest successes include a dance version of the eighties hit “The Riddle” and hits like “Tell Me Why” and “Let Me Stay”.
  • In 2021, in collaboration with Gabry Ponte and Lum!x, he released the song “Thunder”, which has had over 320 million streams to date and achieved platinum status in Italy, Sweden, Austria and France, among others.

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